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An intelligent automated network connecting elite professionals with relevant opportunities.


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Simply state your professional interests and confidential availability and let handle the search.

Automated Matching

Intelligent algorithms automate the matching of availability with highly relevant opportunities from your professional network.

Talent Search

Premium plans are available for recruiters and hiring managers to post opportunities and search for elite professionals.

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Enter your email address and other optional information. Click on the Secure Sign Up button. You will be notified as soon as new beta slots open up! FAQ uses patent pending machine intelligence algorithms (a.k.a. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence) to automate matching of available candidates and opportunities through searches across graph networks of professional connections. Combined with frictionless advertisement of supply and demand, a delightful user experience, and gamified rewards for referrals across the network, AI is disrupting the job matching, referral, and on-demand independent contractor marketplace. Join us!

A node is your personal node in the graph, or a node for a hiring manager, a company, or a specific and highly relevant opportunity waiting to connect with you.

The network has been built with equal parts distributed graph databases, permissioned blockchains, private cryptocurrency, machine intelligence, brilliant design, chat bots, and cloud services.

The old world of legacy job boards and manual mining of professional networks for referrals and recommendations awaits all those not courageous enough to enter the brave new world.

Because, is fundamentally different from traditional, manual, job boards and professional networks:

1. is not a job board or just "yet another professional network."

2. leverages your existing network graph; applying automated intelligent algorithms to make high-value connections between talent and relevant opportunities.

3. Delightful, minimalistic, extremely easy-to-use interface.

4. Always 100% FREE for professionals posting skills and confidential availability.

5. Gamified referrals with automated micropayments and shared referral bonuses when your network participates in fulfilling sponsored opportunities. is an exlusive invite only network for the use of elite professionals.

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You will only see opportunities from your network that are relevant to your interests. respects your privacy.


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